Tape Drive Rental

Some storage industry experts have declared the death of Tape Backup. Well, not really. In fact tape is expected to continue to have a role in archival storage and back-up for many years. This opinion is held by many industry analysts and supported through continued investments by major manufacturers.

Information Technology managers understand that tape is a cost effective method for archive and off-site backup requirements, both in terms of price per gigabyte of storage and power consumption.

Tape is an important part of their overall storage strategy, working in cooperation with hard disk systems. But IT managers can find it difficult to get quality service for their installed tape devices as computer suppliers and systems integrators move too quickly towards hard disk storage.

There are few service organizations in India that specialize in tape drive repair but StorTech Solutions is among that select group. We provide direct support for some of the largest manufacturers of the technology and take pride in our expertise and technical experience. We can provide fixed cost service plans or depot services as required on the following device types:

  • LTO

  • DAT

  • DLT

  • SDLT

  • Auto Loaders and Libraries

Our tape repair services allow companies to extend their IT budgets by keeping existing devices running and avoiding an early replacement. Through our extensive local and global contacts, we have access to parts from a wide range of older and current tape drive technologies.

We are quality obsessed and customer focused. All tape drive repairs are covered by a 90 days warranty.

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